Her Future Is An Empty Frame

The door is gone. A breeze drifts through the frame in which it once stood, filling the girl’s nostrils with damp pine needles and singed wood.

Had the others been careless? Had one of their ever-shrinking pool of allies betrayed them? Or had their pursuer simply stumbled upon the gateway by chance? A door in the middle of a forest had never been the most inconspicuous sight, after all.

The remains of her way home lay smouldering around her feet, regardless of the circumstances.

A sound in the distance – birds skitter up through the trees, leaves rustling in their wake. No time for tears, no time to mourn.

They will be upon her soon.

The girl picks up her backpack, steps through the empty frame and into different world entirely.

By TomAntonyDavies

Writing sort. Manchester, England.

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